Ranking websites by truth

Google is Weeding Out the Pinokio’s of SEO

Does your website tell the truth and have you checked your sources? Google has eluded to the possibility of ranking websites by the factual basis of their content.  The ranking software is called the ‘Knowledge-Based Trust score’ and can accurately determine the truthfulness of a webpage by checking the content against a factual database.

“A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy” says the research team for Google. They have used a database of 2.8 billions facts to estimate the trustworthiness of 119 million webpages.  Manuel checks have confirmed the accuracy of their software. Only time will tell if the truthfulness of a website will become more important than it’s authority ranking.

What Does this mean for my Website

This should be good news for those of us who’s websites are legitimate representations of our businesses. We can check the accuracy of our facts and update our content accordingly.  Legitimate websites will in all likely hood receive high ‘Knowledge Based Trust Scores’, offering an online competitive advantage over businesses that use false information to attract web traffic.


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