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Website Design in Freo

We are a local Fremantle business, designing websites for Perth and Fremantle business. We are first and foremost a digital marketing agency and therefore our website designs form part of an overarching digital marketing strategy. Our website designs focus on clarity, symmetry and unity. Balance and attention to detail is necessary to create a website that is not only easy on the eye but a functional platform where a visitor can find what they are looking for at a glance. We don’t just make pretty websites. User experience and targeted traffic generation and retention are at the heart of every website that we design and develop.

Always be Consistent

The perfect design strikes the right balance between art and science. It is not necessary for design to be symmetrical but an asymmetrical website needs to be asymmetrical throughout. From fonts to colours to layout, the golden rule of design 101 is be consistent. Depending on the progress of your marketing efforts, we might suggest a brand identity consultation and the development of a styleguide.  This will help you carry your brand through every touch point for your business including your website.

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Follow the Rules

The principles of design that we follow are: usability, composition, balance, proportion, repetition, dominance, harmony, contrast, unity and variety. We don’t blame you for thinking these are just buzz words, are! They do however help us to design consistently great websites. I’m sure you’ve come across many websites that have fantastic homepages but as soon as you visit a secondary page it seems like they just gave up! Sticking to our principals for each and every page helps us to create websites that are consistently good looking no matter where you are on the site.

For all Devices

It’s no secret that we spend more time on our smartphones than we do on any other device these days. In fact, we consistently make micro visits to our phones throughout the day.  It is therefore highly likely that your first touch point with a business or brand will be from a mobile device. It is also likely that when you come to make a decision about a brand or product you will action your decision from a phone or tablet. This is why designing websites with a mobile first mentality just makes sense. We use responsive designs for our websites. Our code adapts to all platforms, browsers and screen sizes. A well executed responsive design creates a fantastic visual experience and easy navigation for your users on every device from a small smartphone to a large retina display.

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