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Digital Marketing

Why Pixelpi?

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing uses targeted and measurable online technologies to generate leads, turn leads into customers, and retain customers.

The discipline can provide a high return on investment if a business follows Google’s Search Engine Optimisation Guidelines, consistently puts effort into digital marketing, and focuses entirely on generating a quality user experience.

There are four main digital marketing practises:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Online Advertising

 What Approach Do We Take

We work with our clients one on one. Every week our clients consult with the same marketing professional in person at their office. We go through the weeks work, analyze results, and plan our strategy for the week ahead.

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What is SEO Really?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) promises are all too common because targeted internet traffic is directly correlated to the success of a business online. Very few so called expert SEO companies actually understand search engines and often discourage search engine rankings in the long term through what’s known as ‘black hat’ short term SEO tactics. There is no secret to effective internet marketing, it takes time, consistency and dedication. Search engines such as Google have a a simple requirement; to show the best result possible for a search. They do this by ranking websites by importance, quality, originality, and sincerity. Online marketing is a true passion for us at Pixelpi and we excel in the discipline. Every service we offer from website design and development to social media marketing have the same purpose; to create online visibility for your business by reaching your target market. There is no secret to search engine optimisation.

Publishing Quality Content Consistently

Arguably, the most important discipline in digital marketing is content marketing. Google wants to provide user searches with original, relative, engaging, and high quality content. Images, written content, and videos on your website should be original as opposed to copied from another web source. The content must be updated on a regular basis and should be of a high standard, offering the user exactly what they are looking for succinctly. Internet marketers often use content sites to then redirect users to other sites. If you think about our statement of what search engines want, you will understand that this tactic can only harm your search engine rankings over time. Redirecting users to other sites does not give the best possible result for a search as it sends users on a click around mission. If you typed compare green pencil prices into Google, you’d want to be taken directly to a page that compares the prices of green pencils. You wouldn’t want to be taken to a page that says click on this link to go to a page that compares green pencils.

Content Marketing for small business
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Should We be on Facebook?

If done correctly, social media marketing can be a wonderful way to cross pollinate your marketing initiatives. It is important not to think you should be on every social medium just because everyone else is. We look at social media platforms that fit your business and often only two or three are suitable. Facebook is useful for interacting with your customers and learning what they think about your products and services. It’s a great form of market research if done correctly. It also humanises your business to your customers showing that you are actually a real live business, not just a website. Posting images of your colleges sharing a few beers after work can go a long way to develop a connection and sense of trust with your business. LinkedIn is good for networking, and twitter lets you post instant news to your target audience.

Is Online Advertising For Us?

We used to have to pay thousands of dollars for a 10 second ad on TV or a small square of advertising in a newspaper or magazine. The problem with this type of advertising is you are paying for the thousands of poorly targeted individuals that may or may not see your ad and then may or may not engage. Online advertising through means such as Google AdWords and Facebook advertising allows us to pay only for the individuals that take a genuine interest in your product or service. This makes online advertising a much more effective means of advertising giving you great return on your investment providing your ad campaigns are management effectively. It is now so easy to not only discover who your target market is online and what they want, but to reach that same target market on a small business budget.

Online Advertising for Small Business